Automate your Cyber Security Controls - We help organization to automate their IT Security controls
Executing Cyber Security Controls manually?

Cyber Controls Automated’s sole mission is to protect and defend organizations and ultimately individuals from Cyber Attacks. We work with Organizations to automate controls and minimize theft, damage, or improper disclosure of private data.

Our Services help you.

- Reduces Cyber Attacks.

- Minimizes Human intervention.

- Assists in Remediation.

- Increases IT Security Posture visibility.

- Increase Efficency.

Automate existing Manual Controls

Existing Manual controls are transformed into semi/fully automated controls by adding or changing existing steps.

Automation of Controls Testing

Increase efficency by automating your Testing of Controls. Periodic Controls Testings may include the review of user access, audit logs, segregation of duties, firewall configurations, passwords settings and much more!!.

Integrate Automated Control

Repetitive, Time-consuming and low-level controls that are already automated can be integrated into other processes. We help integrate automated controls into other processes to run smoothly without the need for human assistance.

Cyber Security Control Posture Visibility

Dashboard with metrics showing visibility into the status of Cyber Security quality of controls being automatically executed.

Leg-Reg Based control Automation

Legal and Regulatory based controls requirements are developed and implemented into Operating Systems, Applications, tasks and processes.

Cloud-Based and On-Premise Control Automation

Cloud-based ond/or On-Premise Cyber Security controls are difficult to set up and maintain. We help you automate the control.

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